Clean Energy Development and Services (CEDS)

Clean Energy Development and Services (CEDS)

Welcome to the Clean Energy Develpment and Services Project Website. The Center for Wind Energy with the assistance of the Department of Mines Minerals and Energy (DMME) is in the process of examining Virginia state-owned properties in order to assess the potential for solar development.
This website was developed for the purpose of diseminating property information to stakeholders and function as a repository for documents, maps, and site-specific construction information.
Site selection criteria includes land area to accomodate system sizes under 2 megawatt connected behind the meter, ground mount, with terrain sloping less than 8%.

Corrections Facilities

Click here to see the interactive map for correctional facilities.

VA Hospitals and DMA Sites

Click here to see state hospitals and Department of Military interactive map.

Community Colleges

Click here to see the interactive map displaying Virginia Community Colleges.

DOF sites and Hatcheries

Click here for Department of Forestry and VA Hatchery web map.

Secure RFP Website

Click here to view the secure RFP website

You will need login credentials from DMME to view this site. Ken Jurman at DMME

Detailed information sheets for all properties

Click here to download individual property sheets for each prospective property.