JMU Facilities Base Station

JMU's GPS Base Station is housed at Rose Library. The receiver is maintained by Facilities Management.

Correcton Data

Receiver Information

Elevation Mask:
PDOP Mask:99
Horizontal Precision:0.30 [m]
Vertical Precision:0.30 [m]
Clock Steering:Enabled
Everest™ Multipath Mitigation:Enabled
Antenna ID:185
Antenna Type:Zephyr Geodetic 2
Antenna Measurement Method:Bottom of antenna mount
Antenna Height:0.000 [m]
1PPS On/Off:Enabled
RTK Mode:Low Latency
CMR Input Filter:Disabled
Reference Latitude:38°26'02.93696"N
Reference Longitude:78°51'29.33706"W
Reference Height:436.811 [m]
RTCM 2.x ID:0
RTCM 3.x ID:0
Station Name:JMU1

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